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Labcool Genius
Blood Plasma Shock Freezer
The Labcool Genius® high-performance contact shock freezer has been developed in collaboration with transfusion specialists from blood banks and the pharmaceutical industry.
Standard plasmas can be frozen to -30 °C core temperature in less than 30 minutes using superior refrigeration technology.
The particularly effective refrigeration system complies with all industrial demands for shock-freezing down to -50°C.

The horizontal freezing technique with high-performance contact plates provides plasmas frozen to the core in uniformly shaped bags.
This makes optimum use of the storage capacities inside instruments and transport containers, improves legibility of labelling and barcodes and enables the plasmas to be further processed in automated systems.

With the Labcool Genius® the blood plasma is prepared for storage in compliance with directives.
All currently valid quality requirements are met and even surpassed.

Labcool LCGE21 open Labcool LCGE21 closed

The Labcool Genius® works using a contact cover plate with pneumatically controlled operating device.
When the cover is closed, the system reacts variably to different bag sizes and shapes.
As a result, optimum freezing results are always achieved.
Contact operating plate and contact cover plate are supplied and regulated by separate refrigeration systems.

  • The Labcool Genius® is precooled to the working temperature
    and ready for operation within 15-20 minutes.
  • 21 EU standard plasma bags of 500 ml are frozen to a core
    temperature of -30°C in less than 30 minutes.
  • Ergonomic design enables quick loading and removal.
  • Several batches of plasma can be shock-frozen consecutively
    without the need for an interim defrosting operation.
  • The Labcool Genius® is designed for continuous operation.

The operating panel of the Labcool LCGE21 A batch of shock frozen plasmas inside Labcool LCGE21

The control elements in the operation panel are clearly arranged.
They are easy to understand and can also be operated with gloves on.
Pt100 reference sensors with a works certificate or a measuring bag can be connected quickly and easily.

The Labcool Genius® is supplied with an air-cooled refrigeration system as standard and optionally with a water-cooled refrigeration system.
An additional option offers a combination of air-cooled and water-cooled refrigeration systems.
The combined system is designed with automatic switchover to air-cooled operation if no water is flowing or no water is available at all.
This provides a maximum level of operating safety.
Depending on the conditions at the installation site, the company operating the Labcool Genius® always has all working options available.
This avoids expensive conversion costs.
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