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Labcool Genius
Blood Plasma Shock Freezer


Recording and Analysis Software (optional)

This special software package FreezeMon 1) is intended for the comprehensive recording of freezing processes.
It not only records actual temperature data but also additional information about the personnel involved.
Options to print records for individual days or a selection of batches containing all the important data for the completed processes allow for clearly structered filing and easy control.
In the shock-freezing of blood plasma, for example, it is thus possible to determine exactly when each bag was at a particular temperature and for how long, where it was at that time and who was in charge of it.

Standard recording procedure:

  • Prepare the bags
  • Scan the appropriate freezer load start code
  • Scan the codes of the bags in an appropriate
    order and put them into the freezer
  • Confirm the loading by scanning your personnel ID code
  • Start the freezer
  • Unload the the freezer after the freezing process
  • Scan your personnel ID code
  • Scan the unload confirmation code from the freezer

Freeze Mon Recording and Analysis Software
1) FreezeMon Recording and Analysis Software requires Windows® 32Bit-Systems.
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