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Labcool Genius
Blood Plasma Shock Freezer
Capacity, Temperature, Freezing Time
  Freezing capacity 21 EU-standardplasma bags (500 ml)
  12 EU-industry plasma bags (1000 ml)
  Operating temperature -50°C
  (Temperature of cooling plates)  
  Max. deep-freeze and storage temperature till -50°C
  Freezing time -30°C / approx. 30 min. with 500 ml bags 1)
  -30°C / approx. 60 min. with 1000 ml bags 1)
  Defrost cycle with integr. defrostheating approx. 30 min.
Temperature Controlling and Recording, Evaluation
  Controlling Unit IMAGO 500 with additional RS485 interface
  Reference measuring Sensor element Pt100 with works certificate
  Recording software, standard PCA- Recording software
  Recording software, optional FreezeMon for bar code scanning
  and evaluation
Technical Data
  Cooling capacity 1.8 kW
  at operating temperature -50°C  
  Mains supply 4.0 kW / 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz
  Recommended fuse protection 3 x 16 A with B-type characteristic
  Refrigerant R507
  Power consumption 2.1 kW
  at operating temperature -50°C  
  Mains current max. 14 A
  Method of heat removal
    * Standard water-cooled
    * Option 1 air-cooled
    * Option 2 water-cooled and air-cooled
  (automatic switchover to air-cooling if no
  water is flowing or if no water is available at all)
  Noise level 62 dB (A)
  Dimensions (W x D x H) 1300 x 890 x 1650 mm
  Weight approx. 400 kg
1) Filling level and wether hose connection is folded in or not vary according to bag manufacturer.
Logo: National Lab G m b H Mölln, Deutschland
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